How to Warhammer

I’ve been involved in the realm of miniatures gaming for a couple of years now, and was recently invited to create a presentation at work (I know, right?) teaching my co-workers about the basics of the tabletop wargame, Warhammer 40,000.

Rather than do the same-ol’ Keynote (or for the Windows users out there, PowerPoint) presentation, I decided to wow everyone with a living landing page detailing the basic features of the game.

It was great fun writing code and designing all of the icons for the major armies in Sketch, so I hope you enjoy the page and give Warhammer a try!

4-Question Warhammer Interview:

  1. What army do you play?
    I play Tyranids, and have a pretty meager list at this point. My army’s name is Monokeros, which is Greek for “unicorn.”
  2. Do you prefer hobbying or gaming?
    I started out liking the painting aspect primarily, I even won a Warpstone challenge for my Trygon Prime! Over time I started to enjoy playing even more, although I still have trouble remembering some of the rules. I really enjoy all of the socializing during gameplay–it can be a great way to spend a day with a good friend!
  3. One 8-hour game or four 2-hour mini games?
    That’s a tough one. While I really like playing small point games because they fit into my schedule more easily, playing four in a row is really tough. There is a lot of setup involved, so the 2 hours could easily turn into 3. In this scenario, I’d pick the 8 hour game and hope that I like my opponent!
  4. What’s your favorite Chaos Daemon army?
    Definitely Slaanesh. The models are so cool, and who doesn’t love a God of pleasure and excess?! This guy would agree with me.

SCSS Radial Freebie

While working for the company,, the design team met on a weekly basis to work on a variety of projects.

After spending some time developing our skills writing SCSS, we wanted to tackle a project that would be relatively simple and made use of some common SCSS features, including mixins, variables, and functions.

For the example I created, which you’ll find here, I chose to revisit the 2015 Earth Day campaign page, and create a more engaging globe for the landing page.

Check out the example page and download the files on the CompAndSave’s Github if you’d like to use it for your own projects!